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 Reaching out on behalf of an Elbow fan

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Reaching out on behalf of an Elbow fan Empty
PostSubject: Reaching out on behalf of an Elbow fan   Reaching out on behalf of an Elbow fan Icon_minitimeMon 19 Jan 2015, 20:59

Hi all! Sorry to bother you, I was directed to Elbow Room Only by some helpful fans and I'm posting in hope of help if nothing else, so I really appreciate you taking the time to read this.

In a nutshell, I have a Seldom Seen Kid vinyl belonging to my girlfriend that I'm trying to send to somewhere, anywhere, where it might have a chance of being signed by the band. The reason I'm doing it is because she's in bad need of a boost after the last few months, and her birthday is also coming up.

Long story short, she's a massive Elbow fan and used to gig all the time, not just with them but in general. Our first concert together was actually Coldplay in Phoenix Park in Dublin (2009), which we went to specifically to see the support. No prizes for guessing who that was! Fast forward a year and she caught glandular fever, which led into ME and now she barely has the energy to do anything, yet alone the gigging. Her old life's died a bit of a slow death, and even though I offer to buy tickets whenever Elbow gigs come around, she's had to reject them every time 'cause she just isn't able to keep herself going for the 4+ hours you'd usually need. It goes without saying she can't work, but she kept herself busy in the interim by volunteering online for Beat Bullying, helping kids and young adults through counseling and the like. She loved it, but unfortunately in October of last year the charity was forced to close, which hit her pretty hard. Her morale is rock bottom at this stage, without Beat Bullying she's struggling to find much worthwhile in the new year.

All of that said, her birthday's on the 8th of Feb and I started asking around sending her record off. I've emailed TRC management already, and Fiction, Polydor, not to mention a couple of PR reps who supposedly work on Elbow's behalf stateside. Facebook of course too, and I've tweeted Guy, Craig and Richard for what it's worth. Also entered the War Child raffle they're doing, cause I can afford to get to Manchester, just can't afford full price tickets at the moment, and even then I'd have no guarantee of catching the guys for a signature. Honestly, if I even managed to get somewhere with this after her birthday I wouldn't mind, it would make her so happy either way. But at this stage I'll do anything, which is why I'm here of course! So all I'm doing is reaching out, if there's anyone who knows where I could send this record, or somebody I could contact, I couldn't thank you enough.

So again, thanks for taking the time to read this. Hopefully something comes of it, I imagine a lot of people have posted similar here before but if you don't try you'll never know right? It goes without saying if it happens you'll get a huge update. Probably with lots of crying and happiness.
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Reaching out on behalf of an Elbow fan
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