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 the riots...

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PostSubject: the riots...   Fri 12 Aug 2011, 12:22

I just remembered that song by Tom Petty, anyone remembers too, WHY it was written once?
Still frightingly on topic if you change the name of the place...Sad
Peace in L.A.
Written by: Tom Petty

We need peace in L.A.
What happened was wrong
We all feel betrayed
But we got to be strong

If the power that be
Let evil go free
You must understand
Don't play into their hand

We need peace in L.A.
Peace in L.A.

Don't need beating and shooting
Don't need burning and looting
Tonight we all pray
That our children are safe

This hurt and frustration
There is a heart realization
But how can we help
If we steal from ourself


Stay cool
Don't be a fool
Stay cool
Don't be a fool
Don't be a fool

I was thinking that our Elboys could write a similar song about their own country or do a cover with alternative text for benefit. Neutral
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the riots...
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