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 Jonathan Whiting games

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PostSubject: Jonathan Whiting games   Jonathan Whiting games Icon_minitimeWed 20 Apr 2011, 07:26

A mate of mine, Jonathan Whiting (who some of you might recognise as the tall blonde curly-haired one in this photo with me and Guy!) is a rather talented independent games designer and released a new game the other week called Stalwart. I think some of you might quite enjoy it so check it out at http://jonathanwhiting.com/stalwart/.

There are loads more games on his website http://jonathanwhiting.com and most of them are Flash-based so you can play them straight from the website.

Stalwart and at least one of the other games use music from Demoscene Time Machine, who is in fact his brother, so if you find yourself liking the music I've posted a separate thread for Demoscene Time Machine over here.

Hope you enjoy and if you do please spread the word!

Kim x
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Jonathan Whiting games
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